About MRP

Founded in 2006, the MRP aims to provide current applicants to graduate creative writing programs with timely and accurate information about these programs. MRP has no other agenda, goal, or mission statement. MRP data is the combined product of internet research and voluntary submissions from a large number of individuals, the majority of whom are current applicants to graduate creative writing programs. Information appearing on this website is professional work-product and may not be reproduced or re-transmitted without the express written consent of the site administrator. {Contact site admin at: mfaresearchproject@gmail.com.}

None of the information available via the “Program & Survey Data” section of this website should be construed as rankings; applicants to graduate creative writing programs all have their own interests, values, and priorities, and each applicant must decide entirely for themselves how best to evaluate their many options. In keeping with this critical principle, this website takes absolutely no position whatsoever on the value of any one program versus any other, or on the relative or absolute value (if any) of any individual piece of MFA-related hard data. Please use this data archive responsibly — that is, as only one small element of a subtle, complex, and highly-personalized decision-making process.

Data compiled for the MRP have been cited or otherwise referenced by (among other outlets), The New Yorker, The Atlantic, Slate, New York Magazine, The Guardian [UK], The Economist [UK], New York Magazine, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Inside Higher Ed, Poets & Writers, The Huffington Post, Publishers Weekly, The Village Voice, The New York Daily News, The New York Observer, The Missouri Review, The Poetry Foundation, the Association of Writers & Writing Programs, the American Booksellers Association, over a hundred college and city newspapers, and the websites of more than seventy graduate creative writing programs.